About Masanori

I am Masanori and based in Fukuoka, Japan.

I am a fun-spirit who likes to create laugh among people. When I’m not working for my family, I’m creating music and performing stages. I love all kinds of foods other than sea pineapple, which is also why I often eat out with friends and family. I love humans too. I feel most connected when I’m in a night club, at home, at office, on the internet …and at restaurants.

Communication with friends especially from foreign countries fascinates me; conversations with them stimulate my curiosity to understand other cultures. Working in IT industry satisfies my appetite for knowledge …and foods.

I’m a programmer since I was a teenager and have been doing it professionally since 2001.

About Nulab Inc.

I am a co-founder and the CEO of Nulab Inc. which’s a software maker based Japan.

We provide the below.

  • Backlog, project management tool for everyone in the team.
  • Cacoo, create diagrams online Real time collaboration.
  • Typetalk, revolutionize your team discussions.

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