Denki Groove

Do you know Denki Groove?

They are a Japanese synthpop group started from 1989.
When was young, probably was a high school student, met their music.
Since then, listening to their music all the time, I have purchased albums and singles as well.
Remember that they brought techno music culture to Japan.

On the past, March 1st, they published new album called ‘Tropical Love’.
Am surprised that they said 96% of the album has been created using GarageBand bundled in MacBook Pro.
Bought it, of course.

And then, they announced they will start their tour named same with the album.
Bought the ticket, of course.


Really, enjoyed.

It was the first time to go to their live.
Recently, am full schedule with the organization of the company.
The live made me refresh.
Pretty excited.

Want to go, again.